How To Build An Epic Raspberry Trellis

Everything tastes better home-grown, and raspberries are no exception.

I love raspberries. I’m not talking about that thing where your girlfriend blows kisses on my tummy either, although she does do it well. I’m talking about the yummy little fruits that go so well with ice cream.

Pop quiz: what is yummier than a raspberry that you bought from the supermarket? A raspberry that you grew in your own backyard! Everything tastes better home-grown: grapes, peas, beans, tomatoes, spinach… all of these I can say with experience are a hundred times better when picked out of your own backyard. They are all SO YUMMY. Yeah, I can hear you asking “Seriously, spinach?” Yes. Spinach is actually yummy when you grow it yourself – especially in a good cannelloni.

But that’s not the point: today we’re talking about raspberries, which are slightly more awesome than the other fruit & veggies I mentioned earlier. If you want home-grown raspberries, you’re going to need a raspberry trellis to grow them on. So watch this video and learn:

DIY Raspberry Trellis

So there you have it! A raspberry trellis. Go make one, and then grow raspberries on it. You will totally impress all the ladies, and you will have an excess of raspberries to eat every day – or even to give away to your friends, family, and neighbors.